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Custom Orders

We offer a wide range of handmade goods all made with care and quality materials. 


Custom Orders

Thank you for considering a custom order with Sew Life's a Stitch. Below you will find information on the process from start to finish. 

Lets pick a design

First in this process is to select which product you would like followed by which theme/ colors.  We are able to accommodate a vast majority of themes as long as the licensing company has released the image to be produced onto fabric. Should there be a design that you wish that I am unable to get locally (out of area sports prints for example), we can still accommodate you by placing a special order with a distributor (client will be responsible for covering shipping charges) and have the material shipped to the store location for assembly.

Approval and Payment

Part two will involve the confirmation of your order while reiterating the exact details before sending off an invoice for payment.  Once payment for your custom order is received then your order will begin processing. 

Order Delivery

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing once payment is received. If custom material was ordered this may add an additional 10-12 days depending on the shipping from the distributor. 

Once your order is complete, you will be notified that your order is ready for pickup and a designated location provided. If you are not in the area you will be provided tracking details with a timely delivery date

Pricing Guide 

Adult Aprons

Choose from either a Four Corner or Cross Strap Design


Youth Apron

Four Corner design ranging in size from 18mo-3yrs,3-6yrs, 7-10yrs, and 11-13yrs


Microwave Bowl Cozy

Sizing options are 11 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch


Oven Towels

custome decorative towls to hang from your oven door.


Neck Towels

two lengths available for hanging neck towels


Storybook Pillows

Custom Story pillow covers complete with refillable pillow insert (18x18 in size)


Returns and Refund Policy

*Custom items will NOT be eligible for a refund. If there is visible damage that ensued from shipping, a photo of the product as well as the packaging will be required in an email and if it is deemed negligence from the shipping company, an exact replacement will be generated.

 *An exact replacement will also be given should your order be lost in transit and a lost package claim has been filed with the appropriate shipping company. The claim number for the lost package claim will also need to be emailed to [email protected] for verification. 

Custom Order Testimonials

If more than 5 stars were available, I'd give them! I gave just a few ideas to Angela and she brought the vision to reality!

Rebecca O'Neil- Valued Customer

What our customers are saying

I special ordered an apron for a friend for Christmas. It came out gorgeous! She's going to LOVE it! The service was great and communication on what i wanted was awesome. She was very helpful and getting the apron was a breeze.  Would definitely recommend for all your special and unique gifts. I definitely will reorder again!

Veronica Ramirez- Valued Customer

What our customers are saying

Angela is amazing at what she does! I have ordered from her in the past and recently. You can tell she puts her heart into every piece of fabric she stitches. I will always return to her for what I need. I ordered aprons from her for my mother in law 2x now and the 1st one she wore almost everyday for about 2 years!!! I just ordered 1 more for her and she is so excited because she loves the way it looks on her and she knows this apron will last!

Samantha Durham- Valued Customer