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To be Creative is to let little pieces of your heart go and place them into each proje​ct you make...

                                                     - Pat Bravo


And "Sew" it began...

This little home shop was established in 2014 on the premise that I was to become a stay at home mom after my third child was born. I knew my life was soon to be much crazier, but I wasn't ready to throw in the towel when it came to work. I decided that with three kids I wanted to learn how to sew things that they would want (blankets and pillowcases and doll clothes etc.) and so the first sewing machine graced my life.  It only took a few weeks of trial and error before I was well on my way to making a variety of items that seemed to come together easily. It was official, I was hooked on this new hobby and I was loving every second spent behind my beautiful little Singer machine. 

                Before long, friends and family were noticing my newly found talent and began asking to purchase my crafts. The news of my ability to make unique and sought after items spread and I quickly became the proud owner and head seamstress for Sew Life's a Stitch. I was thrilled that others admired my work and humbled to be given an opportunity to show my children that with a little hard work anything is possible. Not only was I acquiring  local customers wanting my items but I was also getting special requests from customers on the East Coast looking for special gifts as well! I was busy, I was happy and I was noticed.

                After a couple years fulfilling multiple orders and getting my business up and running, my husband took a new position within his company and my family was given the opportunity to start life a new outside of California and settle down in Eastern Washington.  Business was slow to begin as I it took me awhile to figure out the local craft fairs and to establish new clients local to my home business.  I have since grown new and repeat customers and even made some great friends along the way. 

                 My little starter business has grown wings and has become something that I never thought possible. In my eyes,  Sew Life's a Stitch is my legacy and a name that I hope my family will be proud of. As of late, my work force doubled when my mother in law decided it was time to move out of California and in with us here in Washington. Once here, she felt the urge to get back into sewing herself and purchased a machine of her very own. She then began adding new and amazing items to be featured in my shop, as well as the local craft fairs.  Together we are fulfilling our clients custom order requests, becoming repeat vendors at local craft fairs and now in April 2019 launching our first website and online store. We plan on continuing to create new items that will grace our shelves and keep our customers wanting more!